Antique-centre Slegers specialises in the packing and loading of 20 ft, 40 ft , 40 HC ft and 45 ft containers alle over the world. We use the best materials to avoid possible shipping breakage.All of your items are wrapped in cardboard and / or in bubble wrap by our experienced crew. We label all items and pieces with numbers corresponding to your packing list. We also write these numbers on the packing material, so while you unload your container, you won't lose time unpacking trying to find out what goes with what. Wood wool and plastic are used to fill the small gaps between items in the container ensuring a steady load to avoid damage in transit. We have two loading docks located inside our warehouse so your items are protected from the weather while we are loading. We also sell packing materials.


We work with our own shipping company, but if you like to use with your own shippingcompany that's no problem for us. We always get the best shipping rates from our company because we are one of the largest antique exporters in Belgium.

If you want to know how much the shippingcost would be to your place, just mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Don't forget to mail your company name and complete address.

When you order a container you can be assured of prompt, safe delivery as we have years of experience in the custom containerised packaging required to deliver valuable and often fragile articles. Antique-centre Slegers specialises in the packing and loading of 20 ft, 40 ft , 40 HC ft and 45 ft containers alle over the world.

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